Born in Morocco and Flourished in the Gulf, Mayssa Maghrebi the Actress who has dazzled the Arab and Gulf Drama with her performances and appearances during the past 14 years where she outshined in courageous, honest, and various roles , acting with big stars proving and ensuring she is a one of a kind. During her very successful career performing on TV, Cinema screens, and Theatres, Mayssa finished her studies in London University specializing in film directing. She believed that knowledge, education and talent are the basic elements ofSuccess. She entered the world of Production and produced the First Emarati Movie -35mm- (Tarab Fashion), where she played the main role. The movie achieved a wide success and got high rates and huge income in the box office and DVD distribution.
Work Experience

Mayssa Maghrebi played various roles and characters and excelled in each and every appearance, Her first appearance was in 2000 in the TV Drama "Deira net" asNoura the painter , then in 2001 she starred in the TV series "Nadi Al Dahikoun" ,then in 2002 she played challenging roles in two highly rated TV Series "People Judgment" and "Noura" . mayssa-image

In 2004 she had a special appearance in the Egyptian TV series "Adham w zeinat w talatbanat" andfinished the year in the famous Egyptian Theatrical play "Do Re MiFasolia"with the outstanding ,one of a kind, Egyptian Comedian Sameer Ghanem ,in addition to her appearance in the Gulf TV Series "Life is one moment " and "Darb Al Mahabba" earlier in the same Year.

Then in 2005 she entered the field of Production established "Media Group " in Dubai - local production house - and produced the First Gulf Emarati Movie (Tarab Fashion), in which she also played the lead , in addition to her role in "Aswar 1" a TV series in the same year . 2006 was a busy year for the actress she starred in the following TV series "aswar2" , "Jada 7 " , "Akhawat Moussa" and in "OrsAldam" the latest was produced also by her company "Media Group" and concluded the year with the Theatrical Play " Sah El NoumYa Arab".
In 2007 she head the cast in the TV series "Ghaltet Nouf" and made a dazzling appearance in Ramadan with her musical riddle show "Waraha Waraha" which was also produced by her own company "Media Group".

And then in 2008 comes the Syrian TV series "Finjan Al Dam", which is still considered a huge success, where she starred as Aliya , a leading lady in her tribe

In 2009 she was the leading actress in the well know Saudi TV series "Hawameer Al Sahra 1" and starred in the sequel "Hawameer Al Sahra 2 " in the following year 2010 besides playing the lead in "clockwise" the movie which was presented in the Doha Film festival In the same year she outshone in TV series "Awrak Al Hob 1" concluding the year with a leading role in the Theatrical play "Hamoura".

Back to the sequel "Hawameer Al Sahra 3" along with "Kareema" in Ramadan 2011 in addition to her participation in the theatrical play "Daughter of Fatma" in the same year.

In 2012 she appeared again in part two of "Awrak Al Hob" and the controversial Saudi drama "Lobat Al Mara rajol " for Ramadan 2012 and was produced by her Company "Media Group" and for the Eid the same year she was theleading actress in the theatrical musical play "RehlatOmor".

In 2014 she played the leading role in the Kuwaiti Series "Lel Hob Jonoon" produced by Sabbah pictures and aired on OSN Network in Ramadan 2014.

As For Ramadan 2015 Mayssa Maghrebi shone in the Kuwaiti series "Kabel Lel Kasr" and co starred in the Egyptian Series "Mawlana Al Ashek" with Egyptian star Mustafa Shaban , where she spoke the Egyptian dialect proving her self as an outstanding actress.
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TV programs
In addition to her spectacular acting talents, she also presented and hosted many successful TV shows throughout her career starting with "Heya Khafeye" in 2005 a show for Ramadan that year and in the same year she was the main presenter of the "International festival of Doha".

And then "Maweed fel Khairan" (87 episodes) the highly rated talk show presented on Dubai TV achieving a huge viewership rate from 2006 till 2009 and for which Mayssa Maghrebi was honored The best Arabic Actress and Presenter the following year.
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In 2009 she presented the entertaining show on Dubai TV "Taratata" and was a participant in the well-known show "Stars on board" by MBC in 2010. In 2011 she was the main presenter of the "International Festival of Fujairah"

Mayssa Maghrebi started her reality show "Mayssa bela Hodood" on Alaan TV in 2013 and it has been a hit with high viewership rates, three season were showing on Alaan TV in 2013, and in the same year she hosted the TV Show "The Millionaire" the Arabic version of "The Hot seats" showing on Dubai TV in 2014.

In Ramadan 2015 Mayssa Maghrebi Co-hosted the top rated Live TV program "Ratong Ramadan" aired on Abu Dhabi Tv , MTV and Al Nahar TV during the holy month.
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- MBA in business management from HEM paris
- Masters in Business and banking from Lecap Switzerland
- Member of Jury in the 17th Damascus International Film Festival in Syria 2009.
- Member of Jury in the Murex d'or festival in Lebanon for TV and Cinema.
- Second best Actor in the Middle East according to the Questionnaire done by MBC (number one Arabic channel) in Ramadan - the Holy month - in 2010.
- The Knights of quality shield (a certificate of quality) in the Knights of quality festival ISO 2011.
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- She was also Honored in Kuwait by the Minister of Information in Kuwait city for all her successful work in Ramadan-the Holy month- 2011.
- Honored byRotana Magazine for her outstanding performance in "Hawameer Al Sahra III" TV series during Ramadan 2011.
- Honored in Beirut International Award Festival (BIAF) for her achievement as the best GCC actress for year 2011.
- Nominated the most attractive Arabic actress in the middle east 2011 by Zahrat al Khaleej magazine.*
- The face of Chopard in Festival du Cannes 2013
- Guest of honor and face of de Grisogono in Festival du Cannes 2013
- Member of Jury in the 13th International Festival of Martil in Morocco 2013s.
- The Public face of Crest PG for 2 years 2010-2012.
- A production Line of contact Lenses named after her "Maysaa Maghrebi" was in the market in 2010
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- Member of the Kuwaiti Association "We care"
- In a referendum conducted by Gololy Mayssa Maghrebi the Moroccan artist won the title Miss Gulf with 48% of the votes.
- Hosted the "The Ramadan Dinner and Charity auction" in favor of friends of cancer patients and Pink Caravan Initiative and organized by "Heat Creative Media Group"
- Hosted many Charity events and evenings.
- Hosted the event "The F Fashion Show" in Harrods for the first time, which presented the unique fashion lines of 12 respectable Middle Eastern designers.
- Hosted the Charity auction eventfor the favor of Cancer patients indohaQatar by Sheikha hub foundation and the Government of Malaysia.
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- Master of communication in the gala dinner held by the Ajman Chamber Of Commerce And Industry in Kimpinski Hotel Ajman, the event provides the perfect networking platform for senior officials from Government, Trade Councils, Ministries, the Public & Private sector to promote and cultivate regional and international business relations. And was honored in the same event by HH the Sheikh and Crown prince of the Emirates of Ajman Ammar bin Humeid Al Neimy.
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- Face of Debaj "The Luxury network and design creations" in Qatar for their 2014 Abaya line "Marrakech" .
- Awarded the knight award by the UN in the knights festival 2014 in the international celebration of the United Nations on the occasion of International Women's day
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- Selected as a Good Will Ambassador on the 31st of May 2014 by the International Organization For Peace, Care and Relief a Member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations , The nomination was attributed to her continuous social activities towards children and women
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